Coaching with horses.

What are your expectations?

There is a mixture of background theory, psychological modelling, working with a horse and time for reflection and processing The client is given the space to engage with the processes and explore areas of his or her issues that are to be addressed . In discussion and inquiry we will be with you step by step in the seminar room and in the arena. In the coaching, the horses function as a mirror of current behaviour.

When a client asks the horse to perform a task the horse’s reactions will be a metaphor for the constructs and strategies that are our norm, consciously and unconsciously. It should be an exciting phase of new experience and discovery.



„Understanding follows experience – never the other way round.“ Paul Hunting, psychologist and horse assisted coach


Horses give a prompt and direct feedback as soon as we interact with them. Often this is faster than a human response would be. They acknowledge changes in our emotional makeup and mirror them.

Horses do not judge. Through the four stages of determination they keep testing to see if they can totally trust us, or if the situation needs distinct leadership, in which case, the horse will take over. Horses are, by nature, free from manipulative intention. Their honest feedback opens up the space for us to accept what they are mirroring and learn something of ourselves. Together with these fascinating beings we look unflinchingly into our soul.


Human beings like to pursue the idea of security. We start to think early about our retirement provision. We often delay the implementation of big dreams for a time in when we imagine it will suit us. Before we engage in something we want to understand it and assure ourselves we have the situation under control.

The good news and the reality is that there is no such thing as conclusive security. The only thing we can be sure of is the moment, this moment. If we focus on who we really are, what we really have and what we really want, our lives return to their vibrant natural flow.

The only way to find out if a decision or desire feels right is to have the courage to trust ourselves now and to dare to take the first step.



Horses, being ‘flight’ animals have the quality of being present, in the here and now, and scrutinising their handler continually in a playful way. In focus, are the issues of trust, respect and understanding; from both sides.

Our credo is that everything is interrelated. For example, if someone at work is unable to say, ‘No’, they will probably struggle in their relationship at home with their partner, with their child…and probably with the pet dog. Our holistic approach can be liberating once the client understands that there is one root from which stems all progress and personal growth.

Once the root is laid bare and understood, progress can be made.



The special thing about this interaction will be that I won’t be approaching it with a specific agenda or coaching method. My professional background allows me to listen openly and sympathetically to your concerns.

My intention is simple and potent. I want to discover with you the issue behind your issues. Questioning and listening bring openness and will shed light on your concerns. Relatively quickly, clarity can replace blocks and diversions that may have developed over time. Discovering the root of one’s anxieties and burdens will allow the letting go and freedom from them.

I will happily join you on your journey.



We live in coherent systems. Similar to a cog in a machine we influence and affect those around us. After the initial coaching, effects can be seen that may occur consciously or subtly; challenges may become more ambitious, relationships more genuine.

In this stretching phase our Follow-Up Coaching comes in. Through interplay with the horse the challenges will be raised. This will help raise self-awareness.

One small moment can shift perception from a standpoint of ‘impossible’ to one of ‘I’m possible!’



When it comes to coaching groups there is always the concern that the far reaching process of working with the horse might not be well received by the team.

Practical experience, has shown that when everyone is surrendering to their personal challenges, realising that we all have fears and life strategies, leads to a collective understanding and burgeoning trust. Sharing individual breakthroughs welds the team together.

Let’s create a new future for your team!


Kay Luisa Lendermann

Kay, through her positivity, clarity and boldness helps coachees discover their personality. Her credo, ‘Because courage pays off’, is her deeply held belief.

Managing director

Janine Morrison

Janine, has a fine sense for people and their motivations. She makes it easy for clients to discover relevant issues, surrender to them and react accordingly.


Maribel Ximénez-Carrillo

Maribel, is sensitive and calm. Her inspirational approach puts coachees at their ease and enables bold confrontation of their issues.

One heart at a time

We look forward to getting to know people and horses worldwide and working with them. The coaching process of Lucero Consulting does not require equine partners to have any previous knowledge or specialist training. We will be happy to coach you or your team with locally available horses or with your own.

Our unique coaching process, has taken us to Finland, Austria, England, Spain and across Germany. So much is possible. Let’s start, one heart at a time.

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