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Exclusive personality coaching.


Our horse assisted approach to coaching is unique in its depth and psychological approach, borne out of years of experience. Clients who want to work on either their individual issues or develop new work strategies will be ably supported and encouraged. From the highest echelons of management and business, including teams, to private individuals and students it is an opportunity to flourish and grow.





With a co-coach horse as a mirror of one’s personality and qualified psychologist Janine Morrison, accompanying the process with her questioning and encouragement, space will be opened to reach deep insights and understanding. It is important to us that clients discover for themselves how the processes link to their own behaviour. The individual will learn through the work that the answers lie within. We will accompany and help you on your journey of self discovery.

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We also train and educate coaches in an extra-occupational and course-related modular system, over three years. It is for those who want to learn more than just a job or technique. During the training we will teach you the necessary psychological models and give you the framework to understand the processes we use through personal understanding and experience . By bringing out the best in you we will make you a fulfilled and successful Licensed Lucero Consulting Coach (LLCC©).

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In the field of coaching, life aid and training with horses, many emotional and special moments occur that touch the heart. We would like to share some of them here.

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Janine Morrison

Managing director


Janine Morrison has a fine sense for people and what motivates them. She makes it easy for people to discover relevant issues of their personality and surrender to them.


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